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The Linc - Antrel Rolle, Tuesday Tough Guy

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Antrel Rolle would have "wiped (DeSean Jackson’s) ass out" – Blogging the bEast
Antrel Rolle sure is tough on Tuesday. Some quotables from his weekly show with Joe and Evan on WFAN

Another Eagles' third-rounder bites the dust
Another third-round pick gone by the wayside. So what else is new? The Eagles now have just one of their former third-round picks in the organization. That’s rookie Curtis Marsh, who on Sunday played in his first regular-season game on special teams against the Giants.

McCoy has become the fourth-quarter finisher
One Eagle with no fourth quarter problems is LeSean McCoy, who continues to shine brightest when it matters most.

Eagles are in the playoff hunt - just barely | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/22/2011
With six games to play, the Eagles find themselves three games out of a wild-card berth but only two games behind the division-leading Cowboys and Giants. That probably does qualify as "In The Hunt," even if they don't deserve it.

Brady, Belichick build up Eagles | Eagletarian | 11/22/2011
"We have a huge game this weekend against a very good opponent. Coach Belichick said last night that this the best team we’ve played all year," Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said on his weekly radio appearance on WEEI in Boston. "That says a lot. I think they’re talented at every position, so we have to go out there and see what we can do against a very good football team."

Man Up: Jenkins leads defensive charge | Philly | 11/21/2011
If I had to hand out a defensive game ball, Jenkins would get it. He was consistently creating havoc and never let Manning get comfortable in the pocket.