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Breakdown: Vince Young Leads The 18 Play Game Winning Drive

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Deadspin cut up the Eagles 9 minute, 18 play drive into a tidy 90 second video that you can relive or send to your Giants fans friends for them to enjoy. So if for some reason you missed Sunday's game, go check it out. But the video I wanted to point out today was the following one shot by a lone Eagles fan who happened to be in the end zone seats when Vince Young hit Riley Cooper for the game winning TD. Hearing him yell amongst the total silence of the Giants fans is awesome.

A game winning 18 play drive is a major rarity. In fact, the drive tied for the longest game winning drive since 2000. Here they are.

Eagles at Giants, week 11 2011 - 18 plays

Saints at Panthers, week 4 2010 - 18 plays

Titans vs Cardinals, week 12 2009 - 18 plays

On the drive the Eagles were 4-4 on third down. They only had 4 first downs the entire first half.

Speaking of the difference between the first and second half, take a look at Vince Young's splits.

Vince Young On Sunday
By Half
  1st 2nd
Completions 8-18 15-18
Yards 89 169
TD-INT 1-2 1-1