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Who Gets Your Eagles Vs Giants Game Ball?

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The Eagles finally got another win, which means a happy version of the weekly game ball. We've got a few candidates for the player of the game this week.

Vince Young - Gotta hand it to Vince for that last drive. He was not great overall in this game, but with the game on the line he led an epic 18 play, 80 yard drive in which he and the offense converted 4 third downs. He capped off the drive with an 11 yard TD pass to Riley Cooper.

Defensive Line - I'm just going to nominate these guys as a whole, because it's rough to find one guy that really stood out. Jason Babin made the biggest play with the strip sack of Eli to end the game, but all four DTs were fantastic and Trent Cole was his usual disruptive self. As a group, they helped hold the Giants to 29 yards rushing.

Jason Peters - The only time that Osi Umenyiora's name was ever mentioned was when NBC showed a package of him just getting dominated by Peters.

DeSean Jackson - We saw the good and bad of DeSean last night, but mostly good. He had a big punt return and caught 6 passes for 88 yards. It would have been 7 passes for 138 yards had it not been for the bizarre taunting nullification.

Brian Rolle - I don't know that he should get the game ball, but it was great to see a LB actually stand out in a game for this team. Plus, he did this, which was awesome.