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The Linc - A Fourth Quarter Comeback To Call Our Own

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Jackson is good and bad for Eagles | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/21/2011
DeSean Jackson, that noted highlight maker, expanded his range against the Giants on Sunday night and released the complete documentary on why he should and should not get a fat contract extension from the Eagles.

What I saw: Eagles vs. Giants | Philly | 11/20/2011
Pass protection was outstanding. Young had all day to find his receivers. The Giants came in with a league-high 30 sacks, but only got to Young once, and it was a coverage sack.

Just enough Vince for Eagles | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/21/2011
In place of Michael Vick, Vince Young was awful, but on what curve do you grade him? What prism is fair? Just winning? Young did that, beating the Giants with two touchdown passes and a heroic, fourth-quarter drive. He moved to 31-17 as an NFL starter.

DeSean Jackson Exits In Walking Boot
"I was kind of out there running around and a player stepped on my foot," Jackson told reporters. "It’s a little sprain but it will be alright. The biggest thing is we got the win today."

Vince Young's Career 4th quarter comebacks and game-winning drives -
Well, this is apropos.

Rapid Reaction: Eagles 17, Giants 10 - NFC East Blog - ESPN
When the story of this disappointing Eagles season is written, it should focus on the high-paid playmakers who didn't make enough plays -- the Vicks, DeSean Jacksons and Nnamdi Asomughas. Because as the Eagles showed all night Sunday, they are fully capable of and very good at winning the physical battles in the trenches. Their defensive line completely dominated the Giants' offensive line, stifling the run game and harassing Eli Manning in the pocket. And while the Giants did a good job on running back LeSean McCoy, the Eagles' offensive line kept Young clean pretty much all night. The reason the Eagles won this game was the way they played on both lines.

Young, Eagles hang on in fourth to down Giants
Without Mike Vick and Jeremy Maclin, the reeling Eagles came into the Meadowlands, held a fourth-quarter lead and beat the first-place Giants.