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Eagles Vs Giants Top 7 Takeaways

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Here are some more of my thoughts from last night's Eagles win over the Giants

Nightmare sequence for the Giants

You have to love the nightmare sequence for the Giants near the end of the first half. What were the two things going into this game that they absolutely did not want to see? A big DeSean Jackson punt return or a Steve Smith TD. Not only did they both happened, but they happened back to back. Jackson returned a punt 51 yards to the Giants 14 and Vince Young hit Steve Smith for a TD on the following play.


Play like crap for three quarters and lead an epic drive for a win. No, I'm not talking about Tim Tebow on Thursday night, I'm talking about Vince Young on Sunday Night. 3 INTs, 1 win. Vince Young is now 31-17 as a starter. The guy just wins.

29 Yards Rushing

This is what was was so great about the Eagles defense tonight. They owned the line of scrimmage. Yes, we saw a bad missed tackle from Jamar Chaney and yes Nnamdi Asomugha just got flat out beat by Victor Cruz... but the Eagles front four was dominant and he haven't see that very often this year.  They held the Giants to just 29 yards rushing thanks largely to the play of the defensive tackles. And they really got contributions from all four guys. The starters Mike Patterson and Cullen Jenkins made plays (Cullen had the hit of the night) as did Derek Landri and Trevor Laws (who had my second favorite hit).

Quasi Redemption For DeSean Jackson

First, DeSean drew a silly taunting penalty after he caught a 50 yard pass and flipped the ball to Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. Thanks to another penalty by the Giants on the same play, the 50 yard gain was negated.... But he would redeem himself. Not only did he have a 51 yard punt return to set up a score, he caught 6 passes for 88 yards.

But his best play of the night was probably that third down screen catch on the game winning drive. On 3rd and 4m he caught a pass probably five yards short of the markers, shook off a tackler and ran for the first. It was a tough play in a clutch spot.

Riley Cooper Plays Into Form

Riley Cooper started his first game after not catching a pass all season. Early on, it looked like he would end the game with no passes. He was targeted often, but thanks to drops and to some poor throws from Young he wasn't producing. However, as the game wore on Cooper started converting those targets into catches and finished with 5 receptions for 75 yards and the game winning TD.

What Did I Tell Ya About Brent Celek?

The Giants LBs are awful, they've been lit up by TEs in recent weeks and Vince Young loves to throw to his TE... I said tonight could be big for Brent Celek and it was. He had 6 catches for 60 yards and it seemed like every one was a tough 3rd down grab over the middle.

Overrated n' Soft

There was no matchup in this game that was more decisive and more clearly won than Jason Peters vs Osi Umenyiora. NBC showed the highlights a few times, but it bears repeating, this was absolute ownership on the part of Peters. The whole line really did a good job protecting Young, but Peters simply manhandled Osi.