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Eagles At Giants: The Last "Must Win Game" Of The Year

Most prediction models give the Eagles about a 3% chance of making the playoffs, so for intents and purposes they have no shot. With Dallas winning today, those might have gotten even worse. However, it is worth mentioning that history tells us that that making the playoffs from 3-6 is not impossible and has been done.

In fact, since 1990, it's been done three times. The 1994 Patriots, the 1995 Lions and the 1996 Jaguars. The Pats and Lions actually ran the table in those years and finished 10-6, while the Jags only went 9-7, they actually reached the AFC Championship game.

So while the amount of news stories calling this a "must win" game is fewer than in weeks passed, they'll be nonexistent next week if the Eagles can't manage a victory tonight... because no one has made the playoffs from 3-7.