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News On Steve Smith, Through The PFT Filter

This really just speaks for itself. Pro Football Talk can be a great resource, but it could be so much better if they didn't try so hard to sensationalize and exaggerate everything to the point where they really change the story. Case in point. Here's their report on a report Adam Schefter made.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that people who know Smith think he’d love to return to the Giants after the season, and that he believes the Giants are the best fit for him.

Again, PFT is not making this report, they're just relaying a Schefter report, so wouldn't we think they would actually quote him? No. Instead they heavily editorialized and in this case I'd say flatly lied about what Schefter said. Here were his actual comments from ESPN.

"Don’t be surprised if he also returns there next season," Schefter reported on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown on Sunday morning. "Sources close to Smith say he is open to returning to the Giants next season once his contract expires after this year."

Nothing about how he would "love to return" or believes the Giants are "the best fit." Just simply that he would be "open" to returning to New York. And even that is a completely pointless and meaningless report. Why wouldn't Steve Smith be open to playing for the Giants or any other team for that matter? He'll be a free agent. Did anyone think he'd refused to the return to the Giants if they offered him more money than anyone else? Of course not.