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The Linc - Umenyiora Still Smarting From McCoy Jabs

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No Bradshaw, no screen pass for the Giants - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw has established himself this season as a legitimate dual threat. In addition to his ability to beat defenses running the football, Bradshaw has had the most prolific receiving season of his career. But if his absence as a result of an injured foot continues Sunday, the Giants will once again be without the primary focus of their screen game.

NFL Sunday: Five things to watch | National Football Post
With Michael Vick out with a rib injury for tomorrow night’s game vs. the Giants, we get to watch the former first round pick take the snaps for the Eagles. In terms of the game plan, don’t expect anything different out of Andy Reid. You will see the inside breaking concepts of the Philly playbook, the screen game, the sprint draw to LeSean McCoy and some possible vertical shots near mid-field.

Washburn effect: Castillo calls on the blitz | Philly | 11/19/2011
Many similar issues surfaced for the Eagles' defense in the team's 21-17 loss to the Cardinals last week. The fourth-quarter collapse; getting beat by an unproven quarterback; confusion in the secondary; poor linebacker play. But one part of the scheme that was different was the blitz. Juan Castillo dialed up extra pressure more often than he has all season.

Strange year for Philly's sports teams | Courier-Post |
When you sit down to watch the Eagles tonight, a flashback might rattle your brain with equal bewilderment and amazement of exactly how surreal the misfortunes of Andy Reid’s team are since their last visit to the Meadowlands to play the Giants.

NY Giants' Osi Umenyiora taking aim at Eagles' LeSean McCoy - NY Daily News
"What he did was unforgivable," Umenyiora said. "Do you understand what I mean? Because whenever you see a man in a contract dispute, a fellow NFL player, you don’t take that opportunity to take your shots at him. You wait until you’re about to play him, then you take your shots. . . . This, if he was going to say something, should have been the week he said some things like that."