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Brent Celek Says It Felt Great To Get A Win At Home

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The Eagles had dropped five straight playing in front of the Philly faithful dating back to last year, which is probably a big reason why the paying customers were so excited to finally see a win on Sunday. Speaking on 94WIP today, Eagles TE Brent Celek, who had his best game of the season, says it felt good to give the fans a performance they deserved.

"Yeah it felt great to get that win. We hadn't been playing well at home at all, and that's something you always want to do as a football team. Your goal is to win all your games at home, and then go on the road and win a few and steal some. So that was our goal coming in, and early on we weren't on that. We had to get that turned around, especially for our fans. I mean, the stadium is completely full and standing room only every single game. And for us to be losing in front of all those people, it's unacceptable."

Celek also said that it was pretty march part of the plan all along for him to be more involved in the offense this week and that the coverage Dallas played made him the primary read on most of his 7 catches.

"I would say 90 percent of them I was the intended receiver, especially based on the coverages. Depending on the coverage, anybody can be the No. 1 read. It just depends on if they're blitzing, throwing Cover-2, Cover-3 or man. It just so happened that they were playing a lot of coverages that were good for me to be the No. 1 read."

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