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Eagles Win An Award I Didn't Realize Existed

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The Eagles offensive line has won the Madden Protectors Award for this week. John Madden basically chooses the best offensive line from each Sunday... oh and of course there's a corporate partner.

The Madden Protectors Award recognizes the fundamental role offensive linemen play in their teams’ success by providing consistent and powerful protection day in and day out, just as Prilosec OTC can provide 24-hour heartburn protection when used as directed for 14 days.  For more information on the Madden Protectors Award presented by Prilosec OTC, visit .

So LeSean McCoy is the FedEx Ground player of the week and the offensive line are the Prilosec OTC Madden Protectors!

Just for fun, let's come up with some other ideas for corporate sponsored awards we could hand out around the NFL this season.