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Eagles Have Not Ruled Out Michael Vick

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While Geoff Mosher's report that Michael Vick has been ruled out for this weekend may very well be true, Andy Reid is at least not admitting it yet. At his press conference today, Andy Reid says he's not ruling Vick out. As of now Vick is questionable and Reid says he's felt some improvement. 

"You know what, I'm taking it day by day and just seeing how he does. He made improvement from yesterday, so I'm going to see how far he goes into tomorrow. We just rested him. We haven't done anything, so he hasn't thrown, he hasn't done anything. He's come to all the meetings and done the brainwork, but I just want him resting that thing. I'm not worried about him being in shape or anything else. Let's just see if it calms down a little bit."

Reid said that Vick wants to play and he's planning to, but they'll have to see how he feels on Sunday. In the meantime, Vince Young has been taking the first team reps at practice. Reid says Young has looked good and is looking forward to getting a chance to play this Sunday.

"I think right now, would he like to play? Absolutely, I mean, he's a competitive guy. How much he's thinking about that? I can't tell you. I would tell you that he spent a lot of time learning the offense. I think that's making sure that he has the game plan down, and knows the offense. I don't think his mind's gone further than that. There hasn't been any time for all that. Would he love to play? Yeah, competitive guy."