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Mosher: Michael Vick Won't Play Sunday

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There's certainly been a pretty strong speculation all week that Michael Vick wouldn't be able to play this weekend after suffering broken ribs last Sunday. And now, according to Geoff Mosher, he's been ruled out.

That means that Vince Young is in line to make his first start as an Eagle and his first anywhere in more than a year. Interestingly enough, Young has never lost to the Giants (2-0).

Like I said earlier this week, I see almost no downside to starting Vince Young this week. One of two things happen. He either plays well and beats the Giants, which would be two straight losses for them and would seriously dent their playoff hopes by adding to their already poor conference record... And of course the Giants collapsing is something we'd all love to see.

Or the Eagles get beat and he gets beaten up in the process. Either way, he'll have to answer for this "Dream Team" nonsense which has become the tired joke that's followed the team all year. Granted, he never really said it in the way the media and opposing fans all act like he did, but that doesn't really matter at this point anyway. It's here and now Vince gets to deal with it.