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Jerome Bettis Thinks Bill Cowher Would Coach The Eagles

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Even though every time he's asked about, Bill Cowher swears he doesn't want to coach... And even though he hasn't coached in five years, every fan of every team with an opening or a potential opening wants Bill Cowher. Why? Because even though it took him 12 years to win a superbowl, he did in fact win one... and his teams played liked everyone wants their teams to play. They always had a great defense and on offense they had a run first, smashmouth philosophy that everyone loves.

And at least one of his ex players thinks that if there were an opening in Philly next year, Bill might be interested in bringing that philosophy here.

"It would have to be farfetched - and this would never happen - it would have to something like [Philadelphia Eagles head coach] Andy Reid gets fired or something crazy," Bettis said. "Something to that degree. ... That's the type of scenario that Coach Cowher would have to really give some thought, because now you're not coming in coaching a last-place team. You've got a quality football team that needs direction and understanding."

I think his first sentence is the most important to keep in mind here, but it's an interesting thought nonetheless. And I think his general point is correct. Were Andy Reid to get fired, this would be a job that virtually any coach would want. You don't to have rebuild from the ground up here. You've got a QB, you've got a lot of great pieces, you just need to make them work.

It would be a homecoming of sorts for Cowher, who actually played 3 years for the Eagles.