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Jeremy Maclin On Playing Hurt

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Jeremy Maclin wrote his latest post for GQ this week and talked about not only the injury he suffered in the loss to the Cardinals, but also the broken ribs for Michael Vick.

To make plays in my position, you have to be so zoned in on the ball that you shut everything else out. Everything that led up to the ball being thrown your way (the scoreboard, the current drive, the play call, the reads that dictated my route within the play call), and everything that could happen once you catch that ball (possibly making a tackler miss and going off to the races, or possibly getting drilled by a guy running full speed)-it can't matter until the ball is in your hands. In the case of my shoulder injury, I got drilled. It was as simple as that. The play unfolded in such a way that Adrian Wilson got an open shot at me, and he timed it perfectly. Safeties live for those moments; wide receivers can't worry about them. I suffered an AC ("acromioclavicular") sprain in my shoulder, which basically means the joint separated. I got treatment, got back in the game and played the best I could. I owed it to the team.

I mean, Michael Vick played an entire game (well, all but the two plays before he got hurt), with two broken ribs, and we were still in position to win. That is the kind of character-the kind of guts-that wins football games. Why we haven't been winning them, well, I think I've ruminated on that often enough, and anyone who's been watching the games can probably figure it out. Our goal remains the same: win every game we play.