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April: Chad Hall Could Return Punts & Kicks

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The initial speculation as to why Chad Hall was called up from the practice squad was because the team was concerned about Jeremy Maclin's status. While that may still be somewhat of a concern, it seems that Chad's job will also be in the return game. We saw last week that with Jackson out and Maclin hurt, Steve Smith was back fielding punts, something he has no experience in and did not look comfortable doing.

"Well, he's going to be a kick returner and punt returner. I don't know if he'll get the opportunity. He'll back up the guys we have going right now. He'll back up [RB] Dion [Lewis], he'll back up [WR] DeSean [Jackson]. But, you know, he could get an opportunity. [Head] Coach [Andy Reid] will make that decision more than I will. We haven't gone into detail about anything except the probability that he'll dress."

Given DeSean Jackson's last week, I would not all surprised to see Hall field more punts than we might expect. April says that he likes Hall as a return guy.

"He's done a good job always of securing the ball, catching the ball, making good decisions; he gets the ball up field quick. He's a good runner; he's a good running back. I think his vision is good, his quickness is good. The only game he really had an opportunity, he really had a chance, was last year in the Dallas game. I thought he did a good job. He got the ball up good. He misjudged one ball in the air, he let it hit the ground, but he did a nice job in that Dallas game, he really did."