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Marty Mornhinweg: Kevin Kolb "Calling" Plays Overblown

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Kevin Kolb caused a little stir this week when he told reporters that he was calling out the Eagles plays from the sidelines because he still knew the signals and calls. Some even decided to attribute the Cardinals success to Kolb's knowledge of the offense. I said at the time that I thought it was a ridiculous assumption, because the Eagles problems were clearly execution based and whatever effect Kolb might have had on the "element of surprise" was largely meaningless.

Not that he would ever say otherwise, but Marty Mornhinweg more or less laughed off the idea that Kolb had anything to do with the Cardinals success on Sunday.

"Yeah, that's a story you know to anticipate. An ex-player who is on another ballclub and he's injured and wants so badly to be a part of a win. In the two-minute, if I remember correctly, we only called two plays on the line. We completed the third-down and then dropped a big one. We anticipate those kind of things. We do a pretty good job of self-scout and they saw very little of anything that they saw before as far as formations, motions, and shifts."

So if Kolb actually thought he knew the Eagles calls, he didn't do a great job letting his team know what they were. Because as Marty said, on the only two calls he could have heard, the Eagles completed a pass and dropped another. So neither had anything to do with the Cardinals knowing what was coming.

Marty said it was clear that it had "no effect"

"It wasn't. It's clear on film. Also, I think that sort of stuff is overrated. You put yourself in that corner position and some guy on the sidelines is yelling out at you something. You just have to trust yourself and your reads and everything. That's overblown a little bit, and I did go back through that. You know where you have to be careful is where a team locks you down and doesn't say anything. That's where you have to be careful with a guy that talks. I did check that and there was absolutely no effect."