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The Linc: Good News, Vince Young Has Been Studying!

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Young: I've Been Studying | Eagletarian | 11/16/2011
Vince Young allowed today that "it's been tough" adjusting to a backup role the past few months, but he said he has worked hard "behind the scenes" to get comfortable in the Eagles' offense.

Eagles players standing behind embattled Reid
"The fact that his job should be in question after doing everything that he’s done for this team, this organization, this city is troubling but we know that’s the type of business we’re in," safety Kurt Coleman said. "All of our jobs are on the line every week. The best thing we can do is go out there and play with our hearts."

Shady, Babin among leaders in Pro Bowl voting | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/16/2011
LeSean McCoy’s big year has earned notice from fans around the league, though he might deserve even more credit than he has received. The Eagles’ back ranks third in the NFC in fan voting for the Pro Bowl behind Matt Forte and Adrian Peterson.

Jason Avant Says Eagles Prepare The Same Regardless Of Who Plays QB - SB Nation Philly
"Well, we’re going to go out there and prepare like we do every week." Avant said "We just have to go out there and execute, wide receivers and tight ends, and help whoever’s back there with our o-line and other people. So we have to go out and, no matter who’s there, play the best we can for them."

How Philadelphia Eagles fans show their displeasure in 2011 - ESPN
How the notoriously vocal Philadelphia Eagles fans vent in 2011.

Hall gets another chance at dream with Eagles
Chad Hall is getting another chance to live out his NFL dreams after the Eagles called him up from the practice squad on Wednesday.

NY Giants hope Eagles have crash landed, look to damage playoff hopes of the 'Dream Team' - NY Daily News
Tom Coughlin insisted the Eagles "are better than they were the last time we played them" and he scoffed at the notion that they were anywhere near done. "I don’t believe that at all," Coughlin said. "I don’t look at it that way. They’re very, very formidable. They have great pride. They’re playing to win. They’re talented. They’d like nothing more than to beat us. We’d like nothing more than to beat them."