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Eagles Wednesday Injury Report: Maclin & Vick Out, Mathis & Allen Back

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Nate Allen and Evan Mathis missed last week's game with a concussion and turf toe respectively and both returned to practice today. That should mean both will be back for Sunday's game against the Giants.

The news for Michael Vick and Jeremy Maclin is less sure. Both missed practice today and their status for this weekend is up in the air. The Eagles promoted Chad Hall off the practice squad to play WR (and potentially return kicks) so they seem to have at least some concern about Maclin's availability this weekend.

As for Vick, Reid said "we'll see how it goes" when asked whether he could be ready to to play.

"There all a little bit different in different places." Reid said "At times the player will feel the rubbing going on with the ribs. Michael doesn't have that right now. We'll just see. We take it day by day and we'll see how it all works out."

Reid did not name a starter for the weekend and wouldn't speculate whether Vince Young or Mike Kafka would get the call, but the reports are that Vince Young took nearly all of the first team snaps. So if Vick doesn't go, Young seems like the obvious guy.

Speaking after practice, Mike Kafka says that it didn't look like Vick was in much pain when asked whether he thought Michael would play this weekend.

"Vick is a tough guy and I wouldn't expect anything less. He has a couple of broken ribs, so I'm assuming that has to hurt. I've never had any broken ribs so I can't speak for him. He is a tough guy and he hides it pretty well if he is in any pain."