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The Linc - Should Michael Vick Have Benched Himself After Breaking Ribs?

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I figured this would be more fun than more pictures of Michael Vick rolling around in pain. (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)
I figured this would be more fun than more pictures of Michael Vick rolling around in pain. (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)
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Injured Vick should have benched himself
Michael Vick showed a lot of courage to play hurt, but the QB should have taken a seat after breaking two ribs against the Cardinals.

Man Up: Watkins' development becomes key | Philly | 11/15/2011
One of the key storylines the rest of the way is the development of Watkins. Can he get to a level where he's an above-average starter by the end of the season? That would mean a lot for this offensive line going forward in 2012. In this one, Watkins had more issues in protection than any other lineman. Watkins' best moments every week come in the run game. He did a good job on Dockett on McCoy’s 13-yard run. He had a key block on McCoy’s touchdown run. And he blocked Dockett to the ground on McCoy’s 4-yard run. Needs to get better in protection though.

New York Giants need to finish off Philadelphia Eagles - ESPN New York
"They're not feeling great about things, and they're in a must-win situation," Eli Manning said on his weekly appearance on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN New York 1050. "They could be down and out a little bit, but we can't let this game rejuvenate them. We gotta expect their best football and we've gotta play our best football."

NFC Obituary/Hierarchy with Week 10 in the books – Blogging the bEast
The Eagles are dead. Long live the Eagles.

FakeWIPCaller Says Goodbye to Joe Paterno - SB Nation Philly
Can FakeWIPCaller draw comparisons between JoePa and Andy Reid? Of course he can.

Inside the Eagles: Will Eagles quit on Reid? | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/15/2011
Reid has survived this long in large part because of how he has handled adversity. His teams are rarely entirely derailed. They almost always compete, and with the exception of one notable wide receiver, his players do not turn on him. Instead, they testify to how much they love their coach. That is a valuable asset, one many teams lack, but it will now be tested. Should a faction of players lie down or revolt over these last seven games, Reid will lose his best argument for remaining.

It's time for DeSean to grow up
DeSean Jackson has apologized to the team after being suspended for missing a meeting. Now, it is time for him to show his maturity.