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Jeremy Maclin Talks About The Week After A Loss

Jeremy Maclin is back with another one of his really great columns that he writes for GQ magazine. This is actually from after the Bears game, but it had a lot of great stuff in it that I think is worth checking, most notably his description of the fourth down play to end the game where he fell down.

The passage I wanted to point out here was how he deals with the week after a loss. It's a lot like all of us... How many here swear off ESPN for a few days after the Eagles loss? I do...

I'm really not the guy who goes home and watches sports shows-unless there's an actual game on, or there are certain highlights I ought to see. Otherwise, I'm just not interested in listening to people talk about and analyze and break down what I'm surrounded by every day. It's not that it bothers me to hear what people are saying about the Philadelphia Eagles, or to see teams like the Giants make great comebacks in the fourth quarter, where we've had so much trouble. It's just that I've never been too interested in, or influenced by, the external stuff. I've never worried about anyone else's opinion. I know that we've been beating ourselves with turnovers, mental mistakes, missed balls, missed blocks, missed opportunities. I know that it's all stuff we should be able to do without thinking about it at all, let alone overthinking it. I know that even with one of the worst turnover margins in the league, we've been in position to win each game we've lost. I know what frustration is.

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