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Michael Vick Broke "A Couple" Ribs Against Cardinals

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Watching yesterday's game, we were all scratching our heads trying to figure out why Michael Vick, who had been one of the most accurate passers in the NFL all season, suddenly was struggling to hit open receivers. Today, it seems that Andy Reid had answer. On the second play of the game, Reid says Vick broke "a couple" ribs.

Reid said that Vick told him he "blanked out" the pain and it didn't affect his play, but the coach said he thought it did. Honestly, there is no "thought" about it. Clearly it did. Reid also said that Vick didn't tell anyone he was hurt and coaches just thought he "got the wind knocked out of him."

The Eagles twitter account described the play where Vick was injured.

On the play where Vick broke his ribs, Cards LB Washington came off the right edge unblocked and nailed Vick as he delivered ball to Celek.

Vick says the ribs are "very painful" and he's not sure whether he'll play Sunday. He again reiterated that he didn't think they affected his play. It's nice of you to play the tough guy and say that Mike... but come on.

You all know what this means right? There's a very good chance Vince Young leads the Eagles out against the Giants on national TV this Sunday. So, that should just be lovely.

As for other injury news, King Dunlap suffered a concussion and Jeremy Maclin is dealing with shoulder and hamstring injuries. Reid said that the shoulder is more of a concern than the hamstring.