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More Eagles React To DeSean Jackson's Benching

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Even though DeSean Jackson missed the meeting he did on Saturday morning, no one knew he's be suspended until just a few hours before the game. So the first chance to get any player reaction was after the game... and reporters asked everyone what they thought. Here's a sampling of the reactions.

LeSean McCoy

"Yeah, you game plan for having one of the most explosive deep threats in the game, it was an absolute shock to hear he wasn't going to be playing."

"With the type of player he is, he plays a big role for this offense. Any player that says we didn't miss him is not being honest."

"We are good friends and he's accountable for everything he does. That is more his situation. He has guys on this team that will do anything for him. I think he knows that he is wrong for it and he's sorry. I am sure he will do anything that will help him get back with this team and play this game"

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Brent Celek

"We just have to pick it up as teammates. We are all professional athletes. DeSean is a great player, of course we want him out there, but he's not out there, we have to pick it up. Obviously, we didn't do that. The Arizona Cardinals beat us."

Jason Avant

"It was different. I haven't been here too many times where a guy is eligible to play that didn't play. I won't blame any game on that. I think that the team had a chance to go out and prove a point and we didn't. We missed them today, but that's still not a reason. We were still in the game and we still had an opportunity to win, but we just found a way to lose again."

Cullen Jenkins

"Teams consist of 53 guys and we didn't have 53 guys today. I'll leave that situation to Coach [Andy] Reid and the coaches, because I'm not aware of all the details. I know we were just a guy short today."

Michael Vick

"I think DeSean and I, we have a special relationship and we talk all the time and sometimes you have situations where you have to just live and learn from these types of experiences. Regardless of the consequences of what happened or the decisions that were made, you know we all have to live with them -- myself, coach [Andy Reid], DeSean -- and just figure out ways to make it right. I think DeSean will do that and coach will and we'll all move forward. We won't focus on that. That had nothing to do with the outcome of this game. We just have to finish as a team."