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Michael Vick Says The Loss Of DeSean Jackson Hurt

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Whether it was a coincidence or not, the Eagles WR corps probably had their worst game of the season the same week DeSean Jackson was benched for disciplinary reasons. While Michael Vick clearly struggled with his accuracy today, the receivers still had trouble getting open, dropped passes and in the case of Steve Smith made dumb mental errors. After the game Michael Vick admitted that the loss of Jackson hurt.

"Honestly, it was tough. Playing with a guy you go to war with each and every week and you believe in, have confidence in and him not being there, it was a blow for everybody, not just me. We're used to him being in the huddle. We count on him and we depend on him. Hopefully, he'll see that and understand that. I think that decision was just an accountability statement so hopefully he'll learn from it, mature a little bit and grow up. I know he will because I know him. We'll keep going."

However, Vick said that he didn’t think DeSean was being singled out for particularly harsh punishment. (after the jump)

"Well, coach has always been a no-nonsense guy since I’ve been here. Since I’ve known him. If it was anybody else aside from DeSean, it would have been the same punishment. It was not because it was just him. So I think there’s certain things that are tolerated and there’s certain things that are not. It’s just a situation where coach had to make a decision and he felt how he felt and I think DeSean respected it and there weren’t any hard feelings and that’s the end. I think he’ll learn from it and move on."

All that said, Vick wasn’t putting the blame for the loss on Jackson's absence. He reserves that blame for himself.

"I was inaccurate today and never really got comfortable. I’m very hard on myself and that just can’t happen. You have to find ways to get it done. I didn’t do it and I just have to figure out a way to get it done next time we’re in the situation."

It's obvious they missed Jackson today. I agree his absence wasn't the reason for the loss, but it obviously hurt. And all that does is underscore how much Jackson let his teammates down today.