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Just How Bad Are The Eagles In The 4th Quarter? Historically Bad

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If it seems like no team has ever been as bad in the 4th quarter as the Eagles this year… it’s because it’s true. According to CSNPhilly’s Ruben Frank, the Eagles are the first team in NFL history to blow four fourth quarter leads at home in one year. Even more amazing, they’ve done so in only five home games.

So the scary thing is, we just passed the halfway point of the season. The Eagles still have seven games to go including three at home. So, by the time this season ends, they could be the Joe DiMaggio of blown fourth quarter leads. No one will ever break this record.

You really have to feel for the season ticket holders. Not only having to sit through four fourth quarter collapses, but to have to pay thousands of dollars for it… It's just embarrassing and not acceptable. To be this bad late in games is awful anywhere, but to have it happen right in the face of your hometown fans so often just magnifies it.