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Steve Smith Will See Increased Time In Place Of DeSean Jackson

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[Note by JasonB, 11/13/11 11:44 AM EST ] Jeff McLane has retracted his previous report and says now that Jason Avant will be introduced as the starter at WR. However, he does say that Smith will see the snaps on the outside. So really all of this below still holds.

DeSean Jackson will not play today after he missed a team meeting on Saturday, so starting in his place will be Steve Smith. You may have thought that Jason Avant would be the guy to get the bump up (he is!), but typically they've preferred to leave Avant in the slot in games where Maclin or Jackson do not play.

It should be interesting to see Smith today. You may remember that the pessimistic forecasts for when he'd really start to be nearer to his old self after the knee surgery last year was right around this time. Week 8, week 9 were the times that people from the Giants were talking in the offseason. And even here many speculated that he could be a factor in the second half of the season. Now, it was a surprise to see him be healthy enough to start the year and that revised some of the expectations, but obviously he hasn't been up to speed.

But this week he's going to get opportunities. And we know this is a guy with talent. He doesn't own the Giants single season receptions record by accident. The question is whether he's healthy enough and gets this system enough to make an impact over this second half. Plus, he's auditioning for a job as well. He's only a one year deal and if the Eagles let DeSean walk after this season, Smith could be a possible replacement if he looks good for the rest of this season.