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DeSean Jackson Inactive After Missing Team Meeting

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DeSean Jackson has been deactivated and will not play today after after missing a team meeting on Saturday. It's somewhat of a surprise that the team won't play Jackson at all when often you just hear of players not starting or missing a quarter after doing something like missing a team meeting.

But I really have to commend Andy Reid here. Presumably Jackson had no good excuse for missing the meeting and Reid has sent a message to the team that it's completely unacceptable. Given that the team is 3-5 and has been plauged by mental mistakes, the last thing they need is an undisciplined locker room.

And for Jackson to be missing meetings after the horror show of a game he had on Monday night... that's just unbelievable. Usually guys are at the top of their game in their contract years, but that has not been the case for Jackson. And to add discipline problems on top of the poor play... His chances of being in green next year are really not looking good.