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Eagles Vs Cardinals: Andy Reid Explains King Dunlap Decision

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One of the more interesting choices made by the Eagles this week was to replace injured LG Evan Mathis with King Dunlap, who until this week had only played tackle. This decision was made despite the fact that the team has several guys who might be more "natural" fits at guard. However, those options are mostly rookies and/or Jamaal Jackson who simply doesn't seem to be athletic enough to do the kind of things Howard Mudd needs from him lineman.

Andy Reid says that the move from tackle to guard isn't as big of a jump as we might think.

"I mean you guys know because you've been out at practice, King has worked in there throughout training camp and now throughout the season. [Offensive Line Coach] Howard [Mudd] mixes and matches those guys all over the place. What seems a little strange, but to the guys, the offensive linemen, they're all familiar with him and he jumps in and he's okay there. A smart guy that has some game experience, playing experience, although it's not at that position, but it really doesn't matter. So he'll be fine."

Like I said yesterday, I actually trust Dunlap at this point and it would seem that the Eagles do as well. Outside of the starters I think it's pretty fair to say he's the best lineman they have, so it does make sense to put your best guy out there.