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Michael Vick Discusses Kevin Kolb, Outlook For The Second Half

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Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb switched starter/backup roles last year and Vick took Kolb's role as the "QB of the future," which hastened Kolb's exit from town. Despite that, the two have remained friends. Vick says he talked to Kolb last night and was asked today about his struggles so far this season.

"It's tough for Kev. You know, he loves to compete. He's a great player and he wants to be out there with his team, for his team. And you know, a lot of crazy things happen in this game and injuries you can't control. So we wish him the best and hopefully he'll get well soon."

As for the Eagles and their season going forward, Vick says he knows it's going to be an uphill battle.

I's going to be that way throughout the rest of the year. You know, our backs are going to be against the wall and it's going to be an uphill battle. And we just have to get on the same wavelength with one another and once we do that in a football game, the sky's the limit."