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Eagles Vs Cardinals Injury Report: Evan Mathis & Nate Allen Ruled Out

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The Eagles have released their final injury report of the week and Evan Mathis and Nate Allen have both been ruled out for this weekend. Mathis is suffering from turf toe and Nate Allen has a concussion. Both are fairly big injuries given how the two have been playing.

Mathis has been very good all season and Allen has really started to play well since his re-insertion into the starting lineup. As of now it appears that King Dunlap and rookie Jaiquawn Jarrett will start in their place. It's a new role for Dunlap, who has only played tackle up to this point, but I'm actually kind of optimistic given that he's been surprisingly good in every game he's played since last season. I would not have expected to say this three years ago, but actually do trust King Dunlap.

It is interesting however that Jamaal Jackson didn't get the call at LG...

As for Jarrett, that's a spot I'm a lot more concerned about. Certainly Jarrett has a good pedigree and figures to be an important part of the D in the coming years, but right now this is a player without a lot of experience. In fact, filling in for Allen in the second half last week was the first notable time he's seen playing safety all year. So while I'm glad to have the shot to see our second round play, I'm nervous about seeing an inexperienced rookie out there. That said, if he was going to be out there for any game... Let's be honest, it's this one.