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If Only Kevin Kolb Could Shoot Turf Toe With His Pistol, Or Stab It With A Knife

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When Kevin Kolb is threatened by rattlesnakes, he kills them with a combination of his boot and a pistol. When wild hogs threaten his land, he takes them down with nothing but a knife.  Unfortunately, turf toe can not be fought off with weapons. Kolb has failed to practice this week and looks set to miss his second straight game with turf toe. However, Kolb may find himself in a familiar role when he returns to Philadelphia.

"It could go to game-time to where he would be in a backup role," Arizona coach Whisenhunt said. "You could think of it that way. It’s really going to depend on how comfortable he is with the plan and if he can do anything or not as we continue to build off of that as the week progresses."

In all honestly, I like Kevin Kolb and I wanted to see him play this weekend. I wanted to see a battle between he and Vick, the guy who thought he was supposed be the starter here and the guy who stole the job. I thought it was a great storyline, but it doesn't look like it will happen.

He still has a shot and we'll monitor his progress, but all indications are that we'll be seeing John Skelton at starter this weekend.