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Penn State's Brett Brackett Gets An Unlikely Welcome To Philly

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You may have missed it earlier this week, but the Eagles signed rookie free agent TE Brett Brackett to their practice squad this week. It's the kind of minor move that barely even gets reported and in all likelihood the name Brett Brackett probably would have gone unknown by most of the fanbase. Because no reporters would ever bother speaking to or around Brett Brackett.

Only Brett Brackett went to Penn State. He's the only current Eagle to go to Penn State. So the rookie practice player in his first day with the Eagles was surrounded by reporters at his locker today looking for his take on the mess at Penn State.

First, he said his initial thoughts were with the victims.

"First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families and victims," said Brackett. "It's something that you could never imagine having to deal with. That's first and foremost."

He admitted that he hasn't totally kept up on all the news because he's you know... just been signed to a new NFL team. But he basically felt that all things have to end at some point.
"Everybody has their time," Brackett said when asked whether it would be strange not to see Paterno coaching. "My grandfather constantly says that nobody gets out of this world without ends - whether it's the end of your career or things like that."