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Three Eagles Make Scouts Inc Midseason Top 50

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Scouts Inc complied their list of the top 50 NFL players at the midpoint of this season. Three Eagles made the list.

#23 - Trent Cole

Cole has missed time this year with injury. But when he has played, he has played at an extremely high level. He was great in Philadelphia's former defensive scheme, but he has really taken to lining up in the "Wide 9" end technique, which plays to his great movement skills and burst off the snap. Cole lacks great size but possesses explosive power and quickness that have made him one of the most productive defensive ends in the NFL since 2005.

#27 LeSean McCoy

There isn't a shiftier or more laterally explosive runner in the game than McCoy. He has taken over in Andy Reid's offense right where Brian Westbrook left off -- and those are some massive shoes to fill. McCoy isn't just a finesse runner either.

#45 Nnamdi Asomugha

Unfortunately, Asomugha hasn't been utilized to the best of his abilities in Philadelphia. With the Raiders, Asomugha was an elite press man coverage player. But with the Eagles, he has been asked to play too much zone.

And Jason Peters made their "just missed" list. Frankly, I don't know how he wasn't on the list above Asomugha.