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The Linc - No Playoffs = No Reid?

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Eagles Wednesday Injury Update: Nate Allen and Evan Mathis Miss Practice - SB Nation Philly
Philadelphia Eagles safety Nate Allen (concussion) and guard Evan Mathis (toe) did not participate in practice Wednesday.

Ten-Point Stance: Nightmare in Philly can cost Reid gig - NFL - Football
There is probably an 80-90 percent chance the Philadelphia Eagles will fail to make the playoffs and that is also the percentages of Reid getting fired if the team doesn't make the postseason. This is the feeling of almost every personnel director and coach you speak to around the sport. The feeling is that Reid is working on borrowed time. "No playoffs," said one team executive, who likes Reid, "and it's a virtual certainty he's gone."

Avant: Eagles now have a 'playoff mentality'
From here on out, the Eagles have a playoff mentality, according to wide receiver Jason Avant.

Defenses may have Jackson's number | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/09/2011
Statistically, Jackson is performing in line with his career averages. But numbers tell only part of the story. Jackson, through eight games, has failed to produce the one thing that has made him so special and arguably on par with the best receivers in the game: the big play.

Kevin Kolb: You're More Behind The Scenes In Arizona
"The media coverage is not quite as extensive as it is there in Philly…It just seems like where every aspect of the game and practice and injuries in Philly is well-documented, here you are kind of behind the scenes."