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Let's Play "What Was Mike Jenkins Thinking?"

We've had our fun in recent years with Cowboys CB Mike Jenkins. If you need a refresher, last year around this time Jimmy posted a nice roundup of Mike's "efforts" over the years. So of course, when Mike adds to his highlight reel in a game against the Eagles, of course we have to highlight it.

We go back to the first TD of the game. The Cowboys show blitz and clearly Mike Vick sees it. He points out Sean Lee as a blitzer before the play and Gerald Sensabaugh sells the blitz early by running up to the line. Vick calls an audible. So the Cowboys are going to rush seven, the QB has called an audible and Mike Jenkins is lined up about five yards off of Jeremy Maclin.

What's the logical conclusion to draw from what should happen next? Clearly your defense is going to blitz and the QB has changed the play to deal with it, so obviously he's going to try to get rid of the ball quick. It's either going to be a run or a quick pass. So what does Mike Jenkins do? He retreats about another 4-5 yards at the snap, giving Jeremy Maclin nearly 15 yards of cushion when he catches the ball. In fact, you'll see from the video that Jenkins retreated so far that he wasn't even in the frame of the TV shot when Maclin makes the catch.

So Maclin makes the catch uncontested and by the time Mike Jenkins realizes it, he's got Jason Peters to deal with and as you can imagine... that didn't go well for Mr Jenkins. So really, what was Mike Jenkins thinking?

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