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Fantasy Football Rankings Week 5

Hey everyone hope all is well, sorry for not posting my rankings until this late but since today was Yom Kippur I had a lot of commitments and didn’t have any time until this late.   


Last Week’s Bold Prediction: Arian Foster, coming off two nagging hamstring injuries, shows how healthy he is rushing for over 120 yards and gets at least 1 score.

Result: Finally I nailed my bold prediction. Foster was a beast last week scoring a TD and having over 150 yards rushing.

This Week’s Bold Prediction: Two Top 10 WRs, Stevie Johnson and Wes Welker, both get shut down by elite CBs having under 60 yards and 0 scores.

Last Week’s Sleeper Picks:

QB: Jason Campbell- Threw for over 340 yards but threw only 1 TD. Campbell had 15 points that isn’t a bad game by any means. Overall, I think this was a good sleeper for anyone who used him.  

RB: Arian Foster- Nailed it. I already discussed Foster above and how dominant he was last week.

WR: David Nelson- Wrong. For all of my good calls, this had to be one of my worst. 2 catches for 18 yards on only 3 targets. Not sure what happened here and I'm curious to see how Nelson plays against the Eagles on Sunday.  

TE: Ed Dickson- While he may not have had the greatest game from a fantasy point of view I think this was an overall positive for Dickson. He was targeted 12 times and I look for him to have better games as the season progress.  

This Week’s Sleeper Picks:

QB: Curtis Painter- I think he is a sneaky start this week. KC isn’t a very good pass D and Painter has played well in his first 2 starts and should score between 14-17 points.

RB: Isaac Redman- I think Mendenhall sits out this week and Redman is a good waiver wire start. Tennessee doesn’t have a bad run defense so I don’t see Redman going off however I do see 80-90 yards and a TD making him a fine #2 or great flex.

WR: Percy Harvin: He has been underwhelming so far fantasy wise scoring only once on a kick return. So while this may not seem like a sleeper I see him being benched in way too many leagues. Harvin has a great matchup against Arizona and I see him scoring not once but twice this week.

TE: Clay Harbor: The past 2 weeks Buffalo has been killed by the TE giving up 180 yards and 3 scores. I think this game is a shootout and don’t be surprised if Harbor catches one of the TDs.

Position by Position Rankings after the Jump

A. Rodgers A. Foster C. Johnson O. Daniels Lions
M. Stafford A. Peterson G. Jennings J. Finley Giants
D. Brees L. McCoy L. Fitzgerald J. Graham Titans
M. Vick D. McFadden S. Smith G. Olsen Texans
T. Brady F. Jackson H. Nicks V. Davis Chargers
C. Newton M. Forte M. Wallace R. Gronkowski Bengals 
P. Rivers R. Mathews R. White J. Gresham Packers
M. Ryan M. Jones-Drew P. Harvin A. Hernandez 49ers
E. Manning F. Gore W. Welker B. Pettigrew Saints
R. Fitzpatrick A. Bradshaw V. Jackson T. Gonzalez Buccaneers
J. Freeman L. Blount J. Maclin D. Keller Colts
M. Schaub M. Turner D. Jackson J. Cook Chiefs
K. Kolb C. Johnson S. Holmes D. Clark Vikings
M. Hasselbeck B. Wells S. Rice K. Winslow Jets
J. Campbell D. Sporles D. Bowe S. Chandler Bears
M. Sanchez J. Starks S. Johnson K. Boss  
J. Cutler I. Redman A. Green R. McMichael  
K. Orton J. Best J. Jones V. Shiancoe  
C. Painter C. Benson M. Williams C. Harbor  
A. Dalton S. Greene R. Wayne M. Lewis  
  W. McGahee E. Decker    
  J. Addai J. Neson    
  M. Ingram B. Lloyd    
  J. Stewart N. Washington    
  M. Lynch P. Garcon    
  M. Tolbert M. Colston    
  B. Green-Ellis L. Moore    
  D. McCluster M. Manningham    
  M. Bush M. Thomas    
  D. Williams J. Jones (HOU)    
  S. Ridley D. Moore    
  B. Jacobs D. Nelson    
  L. Tomlinson M. Crabtree    
  R. Grant D. McClustter    
  C. Spiller P. Buress    
  D. Carter R. Meacham    
  T. Jones A. Brown    
  P. Thomas J. Knox    
  M. Barber M. Floyd    
  K. Hunter S. Breaston    


Lastly I Bow to the Greatness of Ralf E Chubbs and everyone have a great week 5 of Fantasy Football

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