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Farrar: What's wrong with Philly's pass defense?

I was alerted to a piece written by Yahoo's Doug Farrar (h/t to @PFF_John), which shows two big plays from the Eagles' dreadful second half last Sunday. It's good stuff (or bad, depending how you look at it). Just go ahead and read it, and then come back.

Done? OK, good.

I have no other purpose here than to also show video of each play, like some sort of audio/video nerd. Derek from IgglesBlog popped his head out of retirement for a few days to bash Juan Castillo. He has since re-retired until the Eagles either piss him off again, or until he gets fired from his real job, freeing up some always difficult-to-find blogging time. But during his brief return, he also sort of broke down the first play that Farrar showed, with video.

Here's the video from the second play from Farrar:

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