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Michael Vick Could Break Randall Cunningham's All Time Rushing Record This Sunday

Michael VIck need just 71 yards rushing this Sunday to break Randall Cunningham's all time record for rushing by a QB. It seems so appropriate to see Vick break the record in an Eagles uniform, when it was Randall's style of play that Vick, in part, grew up emulating. He says it would be special to hold the record.

"It means a lot due to the fact that I've put in a lot of hard work into this game to try to be the best that I can be each and every Sunday. In conjunction with that, I would have to give a lot of credit to my teammates for helping me get there. But at the same time, this week, if I can get that record and get a win it would make it all sweeter."

As for his memories of watching Randall while growing up?

"I just remember Randall being very elusive and being able to make plays that a lot of QBs at the time couldn't make, with his legs. And you know, it kind of changed the dynamics of the game and what he could do for his football team. So, you know, I tried to emulate that and just tried to keep plays alive with my legs."

Now, Vick has rushed for just under 60 yards a game this year, so it will take a greater than normal effort for him to break Randall's record this week. But obviously, 70 yards is always in reach with Vick. So what do you think? Does he break the record this week?

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