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Last Call To Win Eagles Vs Cowboys Tickets And Fight Cancer

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After the jump is the post we put up about a month ago regarding our campaign to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Anyone who donates will still have a shot at the Eagles vs Cowboys tickets, but we've added a few more things to sweeten the pot. You could also win a copy of Philadelphia Eagles: The Complete Illustrated History by Les Bowen. This is actually an amazing book with some really rare and really cool photography. There's also lots of old ads and tickets from games. Really great stuff and we'll have a few of these to give away.

We'll also give away a copy of Kenny Mayne's "A Complete and Inaccurate History Of Sport." For real football junkies or some Giants fans out there, I've got a copy of "Controlled Violence" which is the story of Sam Huff. In fact, if a Giants fan makes a donation and emails me, I'll send the first one this book.

Finally, as we've been doing all along, we'll also send out some copies of the 2011 Maple Street Press Eagles Annual and of course, one person will win a pair of Eagles vs Cowboys tickets. If you've already donated, thank you very much. If not, we would very much appreciate it and it's going to a good cause.

If you hadn't heard about our original campaign, check it out after the jump.

As we approach the start of the season and the community here at BGN continues to grow, I thought it might be time to put our collective effort behind doing something really good. We've never really done a charity effort here at BGN, which is about to change.

A friend of mine, Meredith Leo, has been training to run in the New York City Marathon as part of the American Cancer Society team. To run for the team, she needs to raise $3,500 in donations and I think it would be fantastic for the BGN community to come together to help a fellow Eagles fan for a great cause. Meredith's life has been touched by cancer, I know my own certainly was when my grandfather passed away two years ago from the disease and certainly the entire Eagles community was touched by the passing of Jim Johnson due to cancer. So it's clearly a worthwhile cause for us to fight and if someone is willing to run a marathon to do it, I think they deserve our help.

So I'm asking everyone to go to her page and make a minimum donation of $5 (it won't allow any less, but you could certainly give more and that would be much appreciated). If you do so, you will be in the running to win a pair of tickets to the Eagles vs Cowboys game, Sunday night October 30th at Lincoln Financial Field! The tickets were generously donated by the Eagles and we certainly thank them for that. In addition, I also be sending out some copies of the 2011 Maple Street Press Eagles Annual and some other prizes to some of the people who donated but didn't win the tickets.

So not only is this a chance to support a great cause, but you could get sold out Eagles vs Cowboys tickets for a $5 donation! A pair of these seats would cost you a minimum of $350 if you bought them now! Anyway you slice it, it's worth making a donation. When you do donate, there is space where you can enter how you would like your name displayed, so just try to work in your BGN username so when we randomly select the winner I know how to get in touch to get you the tickets or the magazine.

Good lucks and thanks everyone! Go here, click donate and let's do this.

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