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The Linc - Looking For Leaders

We don't need any kitty cats, <a href="" target="new">we need some dogs!</a>
We don't need any kitty cats, we need some dogs!

Do the Eagles have a leadership crisis?
No Dawk. No William Fuller. No Troy or Sheldon or Seth. No Duce. No Irving Fryar, Jeff Garcia or Jon Runyan ... will Cullen Jenkins step up?

Eagles lacking mental toughness? | Philly has set up a page full of polls asking you how mentally tough every Eagle is. It's as bizarre as it sounds.

Bills plot ways to keep offense on field - Bills & NFL - The Buffalo News
The Eagles enter the game ranked 30th in the NFL in rushing yards allowed and first in the NFL in sacking the quarterback. The Bills rank fifth in rushing yards. All the Bills need to do to win is run the ball, right? Not so fast.

Video: The 5 dumbest NFC East plays of the past 20 years – Blogging the bEast
In honor of Ronnie Brown's brain fart.

Fun Diversion - Dumb Plays
How about five more dumb NFC East plays?

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