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Eagles Video Breakdown: LeSean McCoy's Second TD

LeSean McCoy set a career high with 185 rushing yard against the Cowboys last night and scored two TDs. He is the only player in the NFL to score a TD in every single game this season. Right here we've got video of his second of the night, but he's not even the guy I want you to watch. Look at the job the Eagles blockers do on the right side here.

Todd Herremans simply drives Cowboys DE Kenyon Coleman well into the backfield, preventing him from sealing the edge off. McCoy ran straight by, but could still have been taken down by the Dallas corners, who were stacked on that side because the Eagles had two WRs lined up. However, Jason Avant simply takes Dallas CB Orlando Scandrick and mandhandles him out of the play, while DeSean Jackson does his part to tie up Terence Newman, allowing McCoy to scamper in untouched for the TD.

As Clyde Simmons pointed out in the comments, keep an eye on Danny Watkins as well. He gets into the second level, grabs a hold of Keith Brooking and drives him nearly the entire way into the end zone.

The only Cowboy with a shot at McCoy was safety Abram Elam, who simply too slow getting into the play and ending up flinging himself harmlessly on the ground as McCoy sped by. And as Chris Collinsworth will note in the video, Dallas showed blitz off the left side in pre-snap, so Michael Vick called a quick audible for the run right. As Vick said after the game,

"Everything they did I saw. There wasn't anything they did that tricked us."

It's been amazing to see the results over the past couple of weeks as the Eagles have put away the tricks and just played straight up smashmouth football. They've got the horses to do it and it's been pretty great to see Andy/Marty ride them. Here's hoping they keep it up.

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