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Gameday Linc - Has The Eagles vs Cowboys Rivalry Faded?

The best thing about this is the completely bootlegged $10 jersey the Cowboys "fan" is wearing in this picture.
The best thing about this is the completely bootlegged $10 jersey the Cowboys "fan" is wearing in this picture.

Eagles-Cowboys rivalry not what it used to be -
It is with a heavy heart that I announce that the Philadelphia Eagles-Dallas Cowboys rivalry is on life support. Dallas Week, especially when the game was being played in Philadelphia, used to be explosive - with effigies of Troy Aikman being eviscerated with chainsaws and your neighbors sporting those white T-shirts emblazoned with primitive blue sketching of the spikey-haired kid doing a tinkle on the Cowboy star. But in 2011, as it pertains to another 16-game NFL regular season, the Dallas Cowboys have become just another opponent.

Eric Allen will always bleed Eagles green
"If I’m ever able to get to the Hall of Fame, it’ll be because those guys who really pushed me and that fan base who didn’t want anything less than your best. I had fun in New Orleans and Oakland, but I’ll always be an Eagle." said Allen.

Finally, Eagles put best five on field
It's the offensive line they envisioned in August at Lehigh University, when the Philadelphia Eagles were assembling the team they would take into the regular season. Sunday, about two months behind schedule, it will be together for the first time in a game when the Birds face the Dallas Cowboys in another game they must win to keep their season meaningful.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Countdown to Cowboys
We haven’t beaten Tony Romo since the 44-6 drubbing to close out 2008. He swept us in ’09 and was hurt last year

Home-field advantage has faded for Eagles - Eagles/NFL
The Eagles haven't lost six straight home games since 1983, when a talent-laden team that included quarterback Ron Jaworski, wide receivers Harold Carmichael and Mike Quick, cornerback Herm Edwards and safety Wes Hopkins finished 5-11 for first-year coach Marion Campbell.


Why Kevin Kolb Is The New Bernie Madoff | Sports
Kevin Kolb has to be one of the luckiest guys ever. He has parlayed every fan's favorite position in the NFL, the backup quarterback, into what will be 6 years of making over $12 million a year. But how did this happen? Is it really a pyramid scheme? Is Kevin Kolb even real, or another Keyser Söze? Let's look at the timeline and see:

Vicki Johnson shares the other side of Jim
Vicki Johnson will be at the Linc Sunday when her late husband Jim is inducted into the Eagles Honor Roll. Earlier this week, she shared memories and other sides of the legendary coordinator that Eagles fans never saw.

Uh… (cough cough)… What about London Fletcher’s consecutive game streak? – Blogging the bEast
Since 1998, London Fletcher has made 1714 tackles. He’s taken on countless fullbacks and pulling guards in the hole. Early in his career, he busted wedges on kickoff coverage. He’s as violent a player (legally) as this generation has seen, and to stay healthy for 222 straight games at the middle linebacker position in today’s NFL is almost unthinkable.


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