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The Linc - Calling For Everyone's Head

Andy is challenged right now. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Andy is challenged right now. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Getty Images

A month in, Castillo failing as Eagles' DC
Juan Castillo has been on the job a month, and it’s been one of the worst defensive months in franchise history.

Panic In The City of Brotherly Love - SB Nation Philly
Philadelphia fans have endured a whirlwind of emotion over the past few weeks. Has panic set in?

Yes, this truly is Reid's responsibility | Philadelphia Daily News | 10/02/2011
He built this shell of a defense. He invented Juan Castillo as his defensive coordinator. He shrunk his offensive line to sizes unseen around here in forever. This is his, all of it, and it is a burgeoning disaster. There is time to fix it, and we all know that. But the Eagles are playing scared and they are playing stupid, and the combination is fatal. Scared and stupid; fourth-and-goal.

Time to change Eagles defensive coordinator? | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/02/2011
It's difficult to ascertain how much of the blame rests on Juan Castillo's shoulders. But opposing offenses are making adjustments, and the Eagles aren't countering. What can be done?

Hollywood Calls For Andy Reid To Be Fired - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
Eagles fan and the star of shows like "Angel" and "Bones" David Boreanaz is even calling for Andy Reid's head.

What ails Eagles not hard to figure | Philadelphia Daily News | 10/02/2011
Andy, how does Michael Vick pass for a career-high 416 yards with a passer rating of 99.5 and yet you manage just three points in the final 30 minutes?

Brown commits another Birds' goal-line blunder
"It was a pass-run option," Brown said. "It doesn’t matter what the play is called if it’s not executed the way it’s supposed to be. The guy got in the backfield. He made a play, and I didn’t make a good decision with the ball. I was thinking, from my end, to possibly throw the ball away, because I felt like I had already lost yards, because he was in the backfield. So I figure if I throw it away, it’s still fourth down, but we’re still close enough to the goal line to where we could go for it or kick the field goal. It’s gotta be a better decision on my part."

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