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PFF: Michael Vick Is Playing At A Pro Bowl Level

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With the Eagles at 2-4 and Michael Vick tossing 8 picks already this season, it may seem controversial to claim that Michael Vick has been one of the three best QBs in the NFC so far this season. But Pro Football Focus says that going by the numbers, it's pretty clear how good Vick has been.

Now, I'd strongly encourage you to check out the full article, but the part I wanted to highlight here was their breakdown of each of Vick's picks this season. I've been saying every week that's he's been the victim of the worst luck as far as INTs go that I've ever seen.

Pick No. 1, vs ATL - Vick faces an unblocked rusher and makes an ill-advised decision to throw over the middle. The pass was actually dropped by Kelvin Hayden but Reid failed to challenge.

Pick No. 2, vs NYG - Vick buys time and throws to an open Steve Smith across the middle who drops the ball ... into the arms of Aaron Ross.

Pick No. 3, vs SF - Vick throws deep where a battle for the ball between Desean Jackson and Carlos Rogers results in a win for the defense.

Pick No. 4, vs BUF - Vick fakes a wide receiver screen right then throws back on a RB screen, the ball is tipped in the air and intercepted by Reggie Corner.

Pick No. 5, vs BUF - The Bills get a great rush and hit Vick as he throws, the ball spirals into the air and is caught by George Wilson.

Pick No. 6, vs BUF - Vick has pressure from his blindside but forces a ball over the middle which is picked by Nick Barnett and returned for a touchdown.

Pick No. 7, vs BUF - Vick rolls left and throws a strike on third down to Avant who can't catch it cleanly, the ball hits his receiver twice before it is intercepted by Barnett again.

Pick No. 8, vs WAS - Vick throws quickly over the middle against an all-out blitz, the pass is tipped high into the air and caught by OJ Atogwe.

As you can see, the INT he threw that he was most at fault for was the one against Atlanta, which actually wasn't even caught. Really, just three of these picks you can say Vick is fully at fault for.

So if we're looking for positives out of this, it's simply that eventually things will even out. Not every tipped pass will get picked this year like it has so far. Jason Avant isn't going to get balls ripped out of his hands often. They feel typical and normal this year, but in reality these things are pretty rare so we should less going forward.

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