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Announcing: The BGN Halloween Costume Contest!

You won't believe how many ladies go for the Andy Reid look.
You won't believe how many ladies go for the Andy Reid look.

With all of the excitement surrounding the first Eagles-Cowboys game of the season, it's easy to forget that there's another major holiday being celebrated this weekend: Halloween!

This year, BGN is going to get into the spirit of the season with our first ever Halloween costume contest. Need a use for that old McNabb jersey hanging in the back of your closet? Have a secret desire to dress up as Dave Spadaro for the night? Then join in the fun!

So, while you're all out partying this weekend, remember to snap a few pictures. Then, just send your submissions to my email (located in my profile) by Tuesday morning, and we'll post the entries on the front page Tuesday afternoon for people to laugh at and judge. Remember to include your SB Nation username and the name of your costume.

Just two requirements: please keep your submissions Eagles or NFL-themed and no nudity - seriously, no one wants to see that. The winner gets the undying respect and admiration of his peers, plus his/her own front page picture.

Good luck!

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