In My Time At Blogging the Boys

This fan post is a concession and an acknowledgement of defeat. The Cowboys are so very clearly the superior team that I have no idea why the Eagles are even going to show up on Sunday.

Did you guys know we're playing the superbowl champions on Sunday? I BET YOU DIDN'T! But don't fret simpletons! I've had the pleasure of interacting with some brilliant Cowboys fans who really put things in perspective. 

To start things off I feel like I should remind you that the Cowboys have 5 rings. This is a major sticking point that will affect the game on Sunday night.

Also remember that games aren't played on paper, they sure made that a point when I brought up the talent on the Eagles roster. But what you should remember is that when it comes to stats, games are played on paper, nothing is ever changing and the results are final. 

Next, you need to look at the stellar list of teams the Cowboys have beaten. 

1.    San Francisco 49ers

2.    Washington Redskins

3.    St. Louis Rams

As you can very clearly see, the Cowboys have been beating NFL royalty. But what you really need to consider is the match-ups.

It all starts with Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, the two best receivers in the NFL. Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie better say their prayers.

You see, when Nnamdi signed with the Eagles, he lost all his talent. Signing with the Cowboys would've been a far better result. He got beaten by Victor Cruz, clearly he has completely fallen off. Never mind the fact that he is still the 12th least targeted corner in football despite not being completely comfortable in the scheme or the fact that he has allowed 16 yards in the past two games OR the fact that he was the premier press man corner of our generation in Oakland. No, he's totally getting roasted.

And Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is CLEARLY garbage. He was just dumped by the Cardinals (for a guy they deemed a franchise QB, but hey, who is keeping track?) and they talked to Cardinals fans that said he sucks (after he left them). They just don't see what makes him so great. He'll likely be matched up with Dez Bryant all game so he's obviously just a dead man walking. Never mind the fact that DRC is more athletic than Dez and can match him step for step. And they've taught me to completely ignore the fact that DRC's lack of route recognition skills isn't a big issue because of Dez's poor route running. Nope, that is just simpleton, heathen Eagle fan logic. 

And Asante Samuel? Don't even get me started! He got beaten by Miles Austin in 2009 so it must happen again. It has to. There is no way around it.

But don't even get me started on Romo. He's just the greatest. Why? I couldn't tell you, he is just vastly superior to Vick. That's all I know. And it isn't close. Like 10 greater than signs (these: > ) difference in skill.

And the Cowboys can REALLY run the ball. They're capable of grinding it out with the best of them. Why? Because DeMarco Murray and company just shredded the worst run defense in football. Never mind the fact that prior to their game against the worst run defense in the game, they were averaging 84.8 yards per game on the ground which would be ranked 30th in the NFL.

But where the Cowboys REALLY separate from the Eagles is on defense. Why is that you ask? Because over in Cowboys land I learned to completely ignore the past and only take current results into account. Why? Because the past doesn't matter at all. But don't forget about the 5 superbowl rings, those still matter.

You see, Rob Ryan is leading a good defense for the first time in his career. Thus, he is a defensive genius. Never mind that he was completely awful everywhere else, 6 games in and Rob Ryan is one of the greatest defensive minds in the game.

2010: 22nd ranked yardage defense, 12th ranked scoring defense

2009: 31st ranked yardage defense, 21st ranked scoring defense

2008: 26th ranked yardage defense, 21st ranked scoring defense

2007: 20th ranked yardage defense, 25th ranked scoring defense

2006: 3rd ranked yardage defense, 17th ranked scoring defense

2005: 26th ranked yardage defense, 24th ranked scoring defense

2004: 30th ranked yardage defense, 31st ranked scoring defense

Nope. His track record is of no matter. He is the best and nothing can change even though there are still 9 games left.

And the Cowboys corners are just going to shut down the Eagles receivers. Over in Cowboy land, we just completely ignore the fact that they have yet to face an offense as good as the Eagles and completely ignore the results of the prior season where their corners were beaten like red-headed step children (sorry W_E, I know you're the ginger king, I meant nothing by it, I swear). The Cowboys corners will never, EVER revert back to form.

And they've got the best run defense too! They're obviously going to stop the best run offense! It's not even a question. Never mind the fact that at the time of the game they've yet to play a top 16 run offense, they're obviously primed to stop the best running offense in the NFL that has run all over 3 top 16 run defense and completely bullied a Redskins a great Redskins front 7. Nope, none of that matters.

And the Eagles gave up a big return to Brandon Banks once. So they're obviously going to struggle against Dez Bryant. Logic.

I've learned so much in my time at Blogging the Boys that I feel the need to thank them for enlightening me and I feel as if I should let you know what we're going up against on Sunday night. I don't know why we're even taking the field.