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Andy Reid & Mike Patterson On Jim Johnson's Induction Into Honor Roll

It is likely to be a very emotional, but exciting moment this weekend when Jim Johnson is inducted into the Eagles honor roll at halftime. Andy Reid said yesterday that he was proud of the organization for honoring the late great defensive guru.

"That's very important. I appreciate the organization doing that for Jim, he's well deserving obviously, and I know it means a ton to his family. I think you separate the two. Obviously the game's very important, but so is that. I always said that I thought he was the best in the business at what he did. It was the right thing for the organization to do. I'm proud of the organization for doing that as early as they did it. It's a great tribute to him and his family."

Mike Patterson was also asked about his ex coach and shared some of his thoughts.

"He was an awesome coach, man. He always inspired guys to go out there and play hard and that's why I liked him. He didn't have to come out there and yell and stuff like that. He would just go out there and talk and have respect for you. So I always enjoyed him. I always miss him. He was an awesome coach."

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