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Andy Reid Releases Statement on Asante Samuel

We all remember Asante Samuel's mini tirade against the Eagles during the bye week over his feeling that they were constantly trying to trade him. Obviously that's what reporters wanted to talk to him about today and they asked whether he felt wanted by the Eagles... His response was a bit inflammatory to say the least.

"By Andy. A couple people upstairs might not want me, but who cares. They probably never played football," Samuel said. "It's a business, they run it like a business, so they're going to do what they need to do. So they're upstairs playing with a lot of money, playing a little fantasy football, so they're doing their thing."

So he felt wanted by the coach, but not Howie Roseman or Joe Banner. Obviously the coach (who is also the guy with supposedly final say in personnel matters) doesn't want to seem at odds or have differing opinions with the front office, so Andy called Asante into his office for a meeting. Afterward, Andy released this statement.

"I am aware of how Asante felt and we have since talked. We both left with a positive feeling going forward. As I have said previously, when we acquired Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Nnamdi Asomugha, we had received numerous calls on the availability of our cornerbacks. After discussing significant trade offers with other teams, we decided to keep all three cornerbacks on our team. Asante is a valuable member of our team and we appreciate all that he brings to this organization. As far as my relationship with Howie and Joe, I have a great deal of respect for both of them and I know we are all on the same page."

And Asante's tone changed afterward as well.

"Me and coach talked and obviously I let my emotions get the best of me. Everything is good, I'm happy to be here, and everything is settled. He explained to me how the business works and I'm that much more educated on how the business works in the NFL and everything is good. Let's get a win on Sunday."

You all can't see me obviously, but I'm facepalming...

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