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Eagles Vs Cowboys: Jamar Chaney Scouts DeMarco Murray

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Last week, Cowboys rookie RB DeMarco Murray busted out for 253 yards rushing, including a 91 yarder in his teams' 34-7 romp of the Rams. Murray's performance against by far the worst run defense in the NFL has Cowboys "fans" excited and Eagles players talking. Jamar Chaney was asked today to describe what he saw on film with from Murray.

"He's really fast and he's a guy that can make good decisions and find the right hole to go through. And the offensive line did a great job, too. I mean, they do a great job blocking and it's a team effort, you know, their wide receivers are down the field blocking. So it's not just him, it's a team effort. You know, even when [Dallas RB] Felix [Jones] was back there they have pretty much everybody that's supposed to be blocking, blocking -- receivers, tight ends, running backs, all of them block."

He was also asked whether he was surprised to see Murray break out the way he did?

"Well I don't think it came out of the blue. They have a pretty good team over there and a lot of talented running backs. I mean, their running backs aren't low-draft picks. I mean, [DeMarco Murray], I forget what round he was drafted in - second round, and Felix was drafted in the first round. So I mean, those guys they expect to come in and do those types of things. And I guess he started off slow but I guess he's stepping up now."

Murray was actually a third round pick.

Mike Patterson was also asked about Murray and pretty much had the same scouting report.

"He's a hard runner. I mean, you guys saw it last week what he did. You know, he's just a hard runner, he's an explosive guy, and he doesn't just go down, he keeps his feet moving and runners like that, those are tough guys to take down. So you have to give him credit [because] he did a pretty good job when he came out."

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