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The Cincinnati Reds Were Worse Than The Indianapolis Colts

The Saints obliterated the Colts 62-7 last night on primetime TV. It was not only the most points ever scored by the Saints, it was one of the most epic beatings of the modern era in the NFL. But did you know, that the Eagles once beat someone even worse?

They defeated the Cincinnati Reds 64-0 on Nov. 6, 1934. Now you may say, "of course they did, they were playing football against a baseball team!" But actually the Reds were a football team that lasted less than two years in the NFL. They played the full 1933 season and then folded soon after the defeat by the Eagles in 1934.

While that is the biggest beating ever dished out by an NFC East team, it is not the most points scored. That honor goes the Washington Redskins, who in 1966, beat the New York Giants 72-41.

Here's hoping for a better contest tonight on Monday Night Football. Feel free to discuss the game here.

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