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Ronnie Brown Speaks For The First Time Since The Trade That Wasn't

On the day of the NFL trade deadline the Eagles shipped Ronnie Brown to the Lions, who a few days shipped him back after Jerome Harrison was diagnosed with a brain tumor and the trade was nixed. Brown met the local media for the first time since trade and was asked whether he felt awkward being back?

"Not really. I'm just trying to keep it professional. I'm here and I'm a Philadelphia Eagle. When I'm given an opportunity, whatever I'm supposed to do, I'm going to do that with a level of professionalism. If I'm expected to be in a meeting or whatever, I'm going to do whatever is supposed to be done. Everything happens for a reason, and things will all take care of themselves."

Brown said he was excited when he first traded because the Lions planned to use him.

"It was an opportunity where I thought I was going to get the chance to get some carries. I was involved in the game plan with them. I was excited about that, just to be able to get on the field and be able to help what they're doing."

He hasn't gotten carry for the Eagles in two straight games.

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